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Virginie has to have the real ability and the training to, brings us together, encouraged us all, which offered the tour; what’s more, it is really to be funny. The other was to the gardens of Villandry, which simply took the breath away in the variety, the color and the design of the square. Also, there was a smaller, but still a \\\” wow \\\” moment when I came to the waterfall during our walk in the gardens, Beautiful. Was very pleased especially with our Guide Patrick, one of the best, I enjoyed his comment and kept us happy. If we have not seen it already, the Pont du Gard and the Loire valley, you have another wow moment. And they were seasoned travelers who had been on as many as 5 other Rick Steve’s tours and we enjoyed pairing dinner to get to know each other. I felt as if I had a great overview over a large area to get together with very exact inspection of a few destinations.. Our guide, Patrick Vidal, gave us good background before each stop, so that we knew what to look for and how to take care of on our own, but he was always nearby should we have any questions

Arnaud was very good, and I should mention that how he treats the end of the tour travel arrangements, the best tour so far.. The mix between organized tours and free time was just combat, as well as the lunch and dinner that we had together. The bus and driver were Top, but in this day and age, it would be nice being able to charge electronics on the bus. Extras like an appetizer party, before she made a night in Sarlat and a glass of champagne on our time together, our last night on the Promenade in nice – it is an unforgettable trip. We had dinner in the inside of the fortress (the cassoulet and the regional wines, which were great), then we left to walk back to the hotel. We have shopped for the picnic food in a street market in Sarlat, climbed to the top of the castle ruins of Les Baux in Provence. What is really special tour and our guide Patrick was done, He had a never-ending enthusiasm and a great sense of humor. The balance was also evident in the variety of things that we have, including culture, history, activities, etc., We will then follow the narrow streets of the Ancient Italian city to the spacious boulevards and shopping promenades of the city, the newer page. Why a piece of an old water-delivery-system infrastructure, will have this effect on me, I can’t articulate, but he did it

You have the whole day to enjoy the colourful weekly market in one of France’s most pedestrian-friendly cities.

  1. The tour was well organized, our guide Arnaud was great, the accommodations were comfortable, updated, and convenient to the sites.
  2. The weather helped.
  3. We were also happy with a guide, Virginie, who does not know your story and has a great personality, but also understands how the promotion of the learning process in a very satisfactory manner.
  4. It was nice to have a daily schedule posted for the following day and do the route, stating how much walking, how much time on the bus etc.
  5. We have learned a lot.
  6. While carrying Luggage up winding stairs, was a challenge that was worth it, for many values of the stay in the picturesque, clean inns in the vicinity of the story.
  7. Your afternoon is free to stroll through nice’s beautiful Chagall and Matisse museums, roam on the boardwalk, or relax on the famous beach.
  8. It is a good balance between planned activities and free time was what we wanted to do on our own.
  9. Patrick was incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of the trip and was always able to keep all of its fees in the view (really hard with someone (me) that catch would run to, only a photo.
  10. The bus driver, Phillipe was also a joy, the bus comfortable, the hotels is usually very good and the local guides very well, but what made this trip so special is the variety of the activities that we have experienced.

Rooms rooms were very good to excellent, food was excellent, and overall value for the Dollar spent was great. Many highlights on this tour: inside the impressive building, the outside wall of the castles grounds, paddling on the Dordogne river, great light shows. We landed in nice on the first day of summer with musicians playing in the streets and on the beach, until all hours. Through broken English and broken French, we made a wonderful communication.(She recognized the Columbia Sportswear patch on my bag.).. On arrival in nice, we check into our hotel before promenade on an orientation walk through the Italian-feeling Old city and the beach. In Sarlat, I was approached by a local couple, whose son lives in the same American city like ours. Several times during the trip I had been dealing with some digestive issues due to the severe nature of the food.

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