Pamiatkov rad Slovenskej republiky – Revue Pamiatky

This project never considered that the demolition of the historic center, as is the case in the former Czechoslovakia. Please check, whether you are a man, and you check the captcha. You restored wall paintings, the vault, the entire housing of the presbytery, including the basement and stone architectural and decorative properties, with the tower of the tabernacle.

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  • The later, purpose-built next to the Eastern wall of the house is undoubtedly the work of the son.
  • Residents of the kischütz had to commute for work elsewhere, for example the coal mines in the Ostrava Region in the Czech Republic, as the region has little industry..
  • The first phase (2010) consisted of the cleaning of the surface, the secondary retouching, agglutination of the damaged areas and the cleaning of the figural decoration remove the paintings on the wall.
  • The difference between a tombstone and epitaph is mainly in the fact, that were the grave stones always in the first line on the crypts and tombs, while the epitaphs served as a reminder of respect for the deceased in churches, sometimes even far away from the actual tomb.
  • Some, as in this case, could have been even dedicated to the memory of several deceased people.

After verification of the existence and the extent of the preserved neo-classical painting decoration in the interior, you initiated the restoration of the painting in the year 2012.

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From the historical documents, the only data from the census of the papal tenth (1332-1337), if the local pastor Peter paid a tax of 6 pennies and the rectory was the only one in the region, can be assigned.. Century. Emeramus Cathedral in Nitra, The dominant feature of the town Nitra, is since centuries the Nitra castle, the history of which is closely connected with the existence of the Nitra bishopric since the 11th century. An area is defined, which were kept in 1912, five larger and five smaller buildings included, seven of which are originals. The Church, which was forty-four meters long, twelve meters wide and seventeen meters high, completed in January 1902. Century BC). The district office, however, directed him to repair to the residential part of the old tower, the so-called hall of mirrors, in the rear part of the site. The first attempts of the entrepreneur to appear on the reconstruction of the historic core in a shopping centre, began in the city in the planning at the beginning of the 20th century. The local Roman Catholic priest took care of the Greek-Catholic Church in the 18th century, the linked later, thanks to the growing number of the faithful, the administration of the Greek-Catholic parish in Zdoba. Pottery found in the fortress Dating back to the late bronze age or the beginning, if the old iron age (8.-7

Michaela, Female, 27 Kysuck Nov Mesto, Slovakia

The cinema building perfectly meets the expectations of the time: it was safe, comfortable, and elegant, inspired by expresionistic cinemas of Berlin and the Czech Rondocubism. Located in Straza, directly in the Low Fatra National Park, Hotel Diana is furnished in a mixture of classic and hunting styles.

  1. Immediately after that, more buildings will follow, which is produced together a large residential area on an irregular pentagonal plan.
  2. The work was brought to a halt by the return of the property and lack of interest of the owners to invest in the building.

In spite of the service-character of the complex, suggesting that military strict, it is surprising to see a liberal architectural intent is performed in the spirit of classicism. Palace Hotel Polom opened its doors at the beginning of the 20th century and still provides world-class standard and historic charm right at the main train station in Zilina. If you try to access a profile page which no longer is available, this means that the page has been deleted by the administration. We check for naughty words, and you check the authenticity of all guest reviews before adding them to our Website. And at the moment, the preparation of proposals for the Declaration of the most valuable building of the national cultural monuments culminates. The author of the article describes the fates of the individual members of the family in the 17th century. This year, however, is managed by the museum, the money in his budget for the restoration, and his new story began. Thematically as well as formally, the Nitra-fresco is one of the most valuable medieval monumental works in the TRANS-Alpine region.. The oil paintings, watercolors, and drawings, were originally found in the private possession of the lawyer Leopold Ringwald and by a coincidence of his life, travels, and historical factors in the foreign countries. During his time, the Central political power in Czechoslovakia, officially the Greek abolished-Catholic Church and handed over to the parish, together with the Church, about the Orthodox Church. Belonged In the time of its creation, the Cathedral, the evangelists, and the Catholics only received it during the re-Catholic authorization 1671.

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