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The best time is between 21:00-03:00, but they can often be seen in the early evening or in the night. The stories that can be heard in Chinese, English, German, French, Scandinavian, Japanese, Russian, and Icelandic. It’s ambitious and different exhibitions running rooms contemporary as well as modern art in its four spacious exhibition. Our goal is to take you from the main tourist areas and into Iceland’s unique nature and show you all the remarkable things that make Iceland so amazing. The land is green and inviting in the summer and magical in winter wear when the polar lights dancing along the black-black sky. In this project, a number of companies, public institutions and individuals, the hands and the objective is that the rate of accidents in the travel and tourism industry is lower in Iceland. Some of these waterfalls are well known, but some others are discovering unknown pearls, especially in the highlands. This centuries-old artificial route would be fishing of people from different directions to, for example, or to gather up their sheep and cattle from the mountains. The exhibitions reflect our cultural heritage and our contemporary change.

Borg Grmsnesi: Landvegamt – wetterch

  1. We offer apartments and bright and comfortable rooms with shared bathroom facilities together with good outdoor facilities, including a Spa tub, and a barbecue.
  2. The Selfoss public swimming pool is one of the largest swimming areas in the South of the Island and is located around 200 thousand visitors every year.
  3. A common held belief was that if the Church, the door would be kept open, a ship would not go under and even in the 20 th century, the Church door is kept open when the ships were at sea when the weather is bad.
  4. Heimaey is the largest of 15-18 Islands in the Westman Islands archipelago, directly to the South-west coast of Iceland’s mainland..
  5. The guests go through the Ghost-maze, where they experience the stories in the environment where the spooky stories are actually happened.
  6. Eyrarbakki village was at that time one of the largest harbours and trading places in Iceland, serving farmers along the coastline from the extreme West to the extreme East.

The courtyard is a great place to sit and relax with a nice Cup of coffee and write postcards. South Iceland’s charm lies in its many large and impressive waterfalls and glaciers, unique Geology and fascinating history of the middle ages. Merchant families lived in the house for nearly two centuries and in that time, the house became the center for art and European culture in Iceland; fashion, music and literature spread from there throughout the country. You will witness nature’s extremes, ranging from small bubbling thermal springs to vibrant super heated pools of water and steam.

You will see old volcanic craters, historical places, and maybe at the end of the day trip-take a dip in a geothermal river and enjoy the sounds of nature in the beautiful mountain world. It has 1-4 persons rooms without private bathroom, well equipped kitchen, a Laundry room for guests. Inside the building there is a children’s pool, and an 18-metre swimming pool, while outside there is a 25-metre swimming pool, children-swimming pool slides with 3, wading pool, swimming pool, a steam room, a sauna, and a hot and cold Spa tubs. We offer various tours ranging from two hours up to a day’s travel, many tours are in the evening sun. A little further South is a hill in the vicinity of the school, which will be used is found, in which the Church and the court. The voyages of the Icelanders to Vinland and other lands were to the West of Greenland known in Europe long before the voyage of Christopher Columbus in 1492. A little to the West of the ruins of the creamery are the storage, this was an icehouse and used to store products before they are transported to the market. The story tells of a young man with a broken heart and hung in the cave over a long blue scarf. It is a good example for homes with natural materials, a subtle and almost of nature itself seamless extension.. Selfoss is the largest town and has a variety of shops, services, restaurants and fast-food Restaurants. Eyrarbakki and Stokkseyri give you easy access to the coast, as well as a path between the two villages you can see where the Atlantic ocean and marvel at the fact the South pole is directly to the South. The name Iceland is misleading: while the glacier is 10% of the land cover, the climate is mild, and the volcanic activity keeps the country warm. A new suspension bridge was built in the year 1945, which lasted only five and a half months, but while it was being built, the old bridge had been fixed for temporary use. On display is a fine collection of artifacts connected with fisheries, crafts, social and cultural life of the simple people durning the last 100 years. His journey was recorded in the Greenlanders Saga on the parchment pages of the Flatey book in the 14 th century

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