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Panemunė Road and its Castles True Lithuania

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No longer used for religion, a new Church was built, the uphill (1942), it is now an atmospheric place for sporadic concerts in the summer are celebrated for good acoustics. The first commander of the Kaunas fortress, as well as the German soldiers of the 1. World war are buried here, next to the abandoned Saint Sergei Russian Orthodox Church, the once of the soldiers of the nearby barracks.

  1. In each place, not made among the rivers, the additional circle, the last major obstacle for the enemy, before he will conquer at last the heart of the city..
  2. Unfortunately, the rivers were also used by the forces of the enemy and the greatest enemy of Lithuania, in those days, were the Teutonic order.
  3. In fact, it was on a different Governorate from Russia with Kaunas, the capital of the governorate of Kaunas Aleksotas, as part of Suvalkai (Suwalki) governorate.
  4. The suburb is known for its extra-large cepelinai national meal eagerly gouged out of the emigrants return for the holidays.

Further to the East on the Vilnius street, you pass the dilapidated Baroque body of God Church facade (unfortunately, its three towers and the interior was completely destroyed by the Soviets and only a single space for the celebration of mass in what is effectively a multi-storey building). Various non-Hollywood films and documentaries presented in the original language with Lithuanian subtitles.

Also the local Catholic Church building lacks the typical glory: built as a simple, two-storey house, he received a tower only in the year 2004. Lithuania is the only non-wood mosque (named after Vytautas the Great) subtly combines art Deco style with Arabic influences. Some of the era of the largest projects were built here, but the municipality still retains a feel of its quiet suburbs.. According to Lithuania, the European Union, Ryanair joined flew to Kaunas and brought more tourists. Almost the entire high society of Lithuania, located in Kaunas – the country’s top politicians and officers, artists, and athletes, local and foreign diplomats. There are crosses for Iceland and Denmark (a gratitude for the recognition of the independence), another for the liberators of Kuwait (the Gulf war). This was not the bridge that you see now, but the current one was built by the Soviets after the previous one was destroyed in 2. World war. To the West of the square, behind the historic buildings, a large Gothic Church, Saint George (1490s), and a beautiful dedicated to Renaissance Seminary, repaired the castle, with its own Holy Trinity Church (1634). In the East of the old town, the New city administration and housing for officers, as well as the impressive Cathedral was built with all of you, and what is now known as freedom Avenue.

  1. Buses serve the less popular routes, including the suburbs (some of the buses only travel once in 2 hours so better check the schedules).
  2. Today, it is the most important street of Kaunas with many restaurants in its old authentic building.
  3. In contrast to many other places where such a magnificent 19th-century urban fortresses in Kaunas, you can always gave a large percentage of all of this.
  4. As such, it could quickly (the population increased by 66% in only 16 years) and received many new public buildings and large private houses.

In 1843, the Russian Empire (what has captured Kaunas 1795) chose it as the capital of the newly formed province of Kaunas, included about half of present-day Lithuania. Not interested in spending time within the 4 walls at home or in the circle of the same type of work-food-Home every day; -) good conversation, long walks, animals and all other things that makes our.

Panemunė Road and its Castles True Lithuania

  • the fort, which also serves as a Soviet and German prison camps..
  • Kaunas Governorate of the old Julian had, and was lagging two weeks behind Aleksotas, where the Gregorian calendar was used.
  • About 100 000 people left Kaunas for the good in the last 20 years, but the annual influx of students from the numerous universities never allows the city to age.
  • Kaunas biker, festival, operetta festival and exhibition have significance to the Lithuanian borders.
  • As the pieces of the Drama theatre, the Musical theatre and Pantomime are in the Lithuanian theatre can be more foreigners interesting.
  • In addition, various events are held in Kaunas (especially downtown), the fairs are usually are are often.
  • You are able to visit, not only its massive simple interior, but also to climb the Elevator to the flat roof, topped by a unique chapel.
  • A dilapidated fort, you can get comfortable with the car directly in the 6.
  • Unfortunately, little of that era with the Jewish community, decimated and forced to flee during the 2.
  • World war I; many of the buildings were demolished afterwards.
  • The southern flank is dominated by the Baroque Jesuit Church (1720) and monastery with a summer terrace at the top.

The input can be covered by a pool (on the right), helped by the turning of the crank (on the left); the bells, to keep in touch.

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