the ecological niche of the species. Because it is so diverse, gravel industry shows projectuality and, indirectly, also the ability for symbolic abstraction. In addition, it is possible to develop an approach on the basis of the elements provided by paleoanthropology and prehistory; however, incomplete as it may sound, it is the most suitable method seems to be available so far.. This uniqueness arises from the self-consciousness and reflex psychism characterization of human beings, namely from the culture they produce, more than of their physical characteristics -the morphological differences between them and the primates have proved low, in fact. As we have already explained, the cultural manifestations of the early human forms stones consisted mainly in the stone industry, or traces of their ways of life testify to a form of the human psychism. It is not a scientific message: it is not a religious message, whose hard core are the allegories or the literary images, but the truth of the origin of all things, by a creative act of God. Even though they originate from the African branch of Homo erectus, they differ from it in several characteristics, which is why this form Homo predecessor was named. From an ecological point of view, it is a kind of specialization, the identification of the trophic and functional relations between humanity and its habitat, i.e. It is thanks to the culture that have survived mankind, as a contrast to the Australopithecines, which became extinct (cf. On the one hand, he compared the data, the practices of the traditional religions of the Greeks, Romans, Teutons, and Slavs; on the other hand, he focused on the monotheism and its development of the nature peoples. This capability means an openness to the future, to investigate and to make, you have kidney as consciously and freely as possible, in particular, the predisposition to nd the appropriate techniques in advance

The size of the human beings within God’s General project over the creation depends on the ability to recognize their Creator, on their freedom and the calling they received to conform to Jesus Christ, the archetype and the true image of all human beings. In this regard, paleoanthropology, trying to make his contribution through an analysis of the conceptual act of the prehistoric people, with particular attention to burial customs and artistic forms of expression. The moment of the Interpretation, it is only a question of the application of the system, he tends to distort facts to match theories. This paragraph attempts to analyze the question from a phenomenological and paleoanthropological point of view, to leave the emergence of religiosity (see below, IV) and the comparison between scientific evidence and biblical data and theology (see below, V) aside for the moment. All of the human fossils dates back to 200,000 – 100,000 years ago, when their properties promise, the development of Homo sapiens, are classified as Homo erectus. With regard to the way in which God created it, the narrative and symbolic character of the book of Genesis is derived from the literary analysis of the first pages of the narrative. According to him, it is very unlikely that the belief in a (usually uranic, that is, heavenly) supreme Being was invoked by a single human family, in a certain place, and from there, diffused into all the world, proposed by Schmidt. Classified under the name of Homo heidelbergensis, they are characterized by the wall-the lower jaw, about 600,000 years.

  1. The same life is to say for the Neanderthal men in Europe and the Middle East between 100,000 and 37,000 years, which left behind no descendants.
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Length supports the existence of a higher, God in the beginnings of the religion, similar to what he had noticed very primitive peoples, like the Australian and Andamanians. However, most authors tend to interpret, the prevalence of the modern form as the result of their diffusion from a single center in Africa more than the evolution at the local level, at least, applies as a General rule all over the world. Sapiens culture is without a doubt expanded, as shown by stone and bone industries, in particular, from the Upper Paleolithic in the cave paintings and burial rituals, grave goods. The people belong to the new group, though, stood out from the others for their bigger brain and the traces they have left in the elemental civilization.. The remains brought to light, the are in Java-again, a period traced from the Lower to the Upper Pleistocene and function of various morphologies.

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Human remains Dating back to 90,000 years agofound in Palestine, descending from the African forms of archaic Homo sapiens have been officially as evidence for the emergence of the Homo sapiens sapiens species, i.e., of the people of today. Always, when a new human life is generated, the new life goes beyond the elements, it is, like every human person, and depends on, a particular creative act of God. Although this line, which should be further investigated, shows a type of multi-linear, network-like trend, it is likely to have developed, in the form of a single African stock (monophyletism), and in particular after the appearance of the earliest human life. The human capacity for symbolism, including the spiritual symbolism, it is clear to regrinding from the manifestations of culture, which also tool. In particular, some of the behavior that will be established or functions and preserved because they are comfortable, although you aimlessly.. In the Western culture, the debate focuses on the confrontation between the biblical narrative of the origins of humanity and scientific data, and on the attempt to create a common ground for you. On his chest the pieces of duck, the eggs had been, while traces of a fire and a piece of lime stone, which dragged on his belly, his legs were upwards. The rocker said the LC, which is precisely the main role in a hill special, that Was then, This Is Now: ‘she was the most down-to-earth\\\”.

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