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Jul 31, 2010  yes u can connect certain sprint phones via metro pcs. Jul 27, 2009  Can metro pcs hook up a sprint phone that i found? Are you sure you want to delete this answer? MetroPcs flashes sprint and verizon phones. Just dont tell them that you found. How to Unlock MetroPCS Phones for Sprint Treo by Alex Zang Most phone carriers such as Sprint, Verizon, and TMobile use code division multiple access (CDMA) to allow users to make phone calls and transmit data. MetroPCS is a cell phone company that offers users contractfree, fixed monthly service. MetroPCS uses the same wireless signal as Sprint. This is an alldigital signal, CDMA, similar to Verizon Wireless, while TMobile and AT& T use GSM analog. An independent, on its own, MetroPCS paid Sprint and TMobile to use their towers so you could use either carrier's network phones on Metro. Soon after, Metro offered a buyback for all the Sprint network phones in their service and exchanged them for new TMobile network phones and cut all ties with Sprint. May 06, 2015  Then take your unlocked phone to Metro PCS. You will need to buy a SIM card for MetroPCS TMobile that cost 10. Activation takes less than 5 mins (free activation), and you can request a new phone number or transfer your old phone number. I have the 60 plan with unlimited voice, text, and data. Can u hook up a sprint phone to a metro pcs plan? Can i switch my metro phone to a sprint phone and still have metro phone service. Can you still hook up sprint with metro pcs? Can you connect a sprint phone to metro pcs?

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Why is it that Metro PCS can do what is right and fair but Sprint apparently cannot, will not, or simply does not give a flying hoot? On the MetroPCS website, they offer different rates for different phone capabilities! That is, if you buy a 3g phone you will pay a rate for 3g phones; whether it is a smartphone or not. Apple iPhone 5s GSM Unlocked at Metro pcs? VZW behaving like Sprint PCS in DC Metro Area How to tether to the internet from. Take your Verizon phone into the MetroPCS store. Explain to the customer service representative that you want to activate your Verizon phone to the MetroPCS. Legend: Yes iPhone IS compatible with Metro PCS Service. All you would have to do is get the phone unlocked and purchase a Metro PCS SIM card. No iPhone is currently NOT compatible with Metro PCS Service. Flashing iPhone can be flashed to Metro PCS through 3 rd Party Tools. NA iPhone model was not made for this company. Can u hook up a sprint phone to a metro pcs plan? Can i switch my metro phone to a sprint phone and still have metro phone service. Can you still hook up sprint with metro pcs? Can you connect a sprint phone to metro pcs? Username Unfortunately, Metro PCS does not offer Wireless Broadband Services, like MIFi yet. However, Since Virgin Mobile also uses the Sprint Network, youmight be able to do an activation only through Virgin Mobile. Here is an article that might help you understand MiFi and Crating a Wireless HotSpot for your Iphone that travels with you. Check to see if your phone is compatible with the MetroPCS program. To do that, click on the link located in the resource section, then click on your phone's brand logo on the right hand side of the screen. A small window will pop up that lists all of the model numbers that are compatible. If your phone is there, you can switch over. You can unlock a Boost Mobile iPhone, but after the unlock you will only be able to use it with GSM Networks (Which means that Sprint USA is OFF limits! I guess Metro PCS also uses CDMA, so you will not be able to use it there too. Compare Sprint cell phones and smartphones that work for MetroPCS plans. Find the best Sprint phone that works on the MetroPCS network. Use the tool below to filter through Sprint phones that are compatible with MetroPCS cell phone plans. You can sort by screen size, camera quality, speed, and more. Device Unlocking: Nationwide MetroPCS service is with any unlocked compatible GSM phone. If your current GSM phone is from another carrier, you may need to contact them to have it unlocked.

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You cannot use unlocked phones on the 30 MetroPCS plan if you want an LTE phone on that plan you have to choose between the LG Leon or Samsung Galaxy Core Prime. Maybe check with some friends or family members if they have Tmobile and can add you onto their plan for cheap. Nov 25, 2009  Best Answer: Yes, you can keep your existing phone number when moving to Sprint. The number needs to be active on an accountdo not cancel your service with Metro PCS. You will need your account number and. I just preorder the iphone 5 and was wondering if I could transfer my metropcs number to sprint by taking my current metropcs phone to sprint since it its also a CDMA phone and they will just transfer the number. Dec 01, 2015  So yes you can bring an unlocked s4 to metro, if it's not from sprintboost. I think that's why your getting different answers, but I assure you it will work, I had an att s4 unlocked, and used metro. These bands use the frequencies 1900, 1700 def, 700a. For phones using 2G or 3G network technology, the Metro PCS network primarily uses the 1900 MHz frequency. Coverage: MetroPCS runs on TMobile's network, consistently ranked# 3 in national coverage. Where to Buy: Metro PCS has thousands of retail stores nationwide. With speculation that Sprint will make a higher bid for MetroPCS and bust up the TMobileMetroPCS deal that both carrier's boards have agreed to, the CTO of the nation's fourth largest carrier warns that a SprintMetroPCS merger would lead to network problems for Sprint. For example, if you own an LG Connect smartphone, you can trade it for a Samsung Avant for free (plus sales taxes). You can only trade in phones associated with your account. MetroPCS sales reps can check this by matching the phones MEID number with the MEID numbers linked to your phone bill. If you have a GSM Phone (AT& T, TMobile, International Phone with SIM Card) and want to connect it to Metro PCS then it is referred to as Unlocking a Phone to Metro PCS. This article explores Flashing Phones to Metro PCS. Oct 08, 2012  For 5 more a month, I can jump on Metro PCS 4G right now. I like having Sprint's phone selection and the fact I would get their high end phone for a fraction of the cost at Metro PCS. I also don't care signing another 2year contract because I would be locked in for 50 a month. Re: Can i use my phone from metro pcs At the moment, Boost Mobile can only activate Boost Mobile devices and some Sprint compatible phones. Other companies' or unlocked phones won't work with Boost Mobile services. If you bought the phone directly from FreedomPop, it will not easily be compatible with Metro PCS. If you have had service on the device for over six months, you can request an Unlock Code from FreedomPop. Even with an unlock code though, the phone will only connect to 2G, 3G, and 4G HSPA, not LTE because the LTE antenna is only compatible with Sprint Nov 24, 2009  Can you connect this phone to metro pcs even if its stolen? See More: Can you connect to metro pcs? Can Sprint Samsung Seek M350 be flashed to Metro PCS or Boost? May 11, 2018  Watch video  Both Sprint and TMobile sell prepaid services at lower costs and under different brand names: Sprint has Boost and Virgin Mobile USA, while TMobile offers MetroPCS. The two also wholesale their networks to such thirdparty resellers as Consumer Cellular, Republic Wireless and Ting; AT& T and in particular. And people that is on Metro PCS, don't upgrade phones like us on contract. They have to pay the full retail of the phone and most of the smart phones are 500 plus. And Tmobile will not use the current LTE of Metro PCS. Mar 12, 2017  Sure, just contact whichever service you want to use and ask them to add the other device to your plan. I'm not sure how well the tablet will work on Metro PCS network, it uses a different technology, Sprint and Verizon are similar, Metro PCS uses TMobile and AT& T type of cell phone connectivity for service. How can I carrier unlock a sprint galaxy s4 to TMobile? Retention (or how to stay with Sprint PCS) How to tether my LG cellular to my lap top for internet with metro pcs; Tethering how do i use metro pcs blackberry 8530; How to tether to the internet from metro pcs cellular phone; METRO PCS MIAMI. While you wait, a MetroPCS associate will flash your compatible device to the carrier's specifications, after which you'll be able to select a prepaid service plan and begin using your existing CDMA phone on the MetroPCS network. TMobile's CTO says a SprintMetroPCS hook up would have network problems I really was thinking Sprint would swoop in and snap it up, but at some point the law of averages has to break TMo's way. So the big question is, are they paying for replacement phone for Metro PCS customers when they shut it down? Can you Hook up a Sprint phone to Metro Pcs Company? I just need a Answer am In California By the way. Aug 19, 2018  When completed, you will have the ability to use your MetroPCS phone on another compatible GSM wireless network. Typically, you will need to turn off your phone, insert the SIM card of the new network, turn. How to Unlock MetroPCS Phones for Sprint Treo by Alex Zang. Most phone carriers such as Sprint, Verizon, and TMobile use code division multiple access (CDMA) to allow users to make phone calls and transmit data. A small window will pop up that lists all of the model numbers that are compatible. If your phone is there, you can. Feb 26, 2016  xdadevelopers Sprint Samsung Galaxy S6 Sprint Galaxy S6 Q& A, Help& Troubleshooting Sprint Samsung Galaxy S6 on metro pcs by jobe41 XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to. Jun 24, 2016  Basically if you pay the phone off in 90 days they only charge you an extra 10 of the cost of the phone, they have to make their money for financing it anyways. If you DONT pay within the 90 days, then the accrued 22 interest rate that accrued for 3 months, gets added on to the bill. Aug 08, 2009  Can you use a Metro PCS phone on the Sprint network? I'm just wondering if I can buy a phone from a Metro PCS store and use it on Sprint. I know you can flash Sprint phones to Metro PCS but can you flash it the other way around. Sprint phones can be switched to Metro PCS for 50. Metro PCS is only allowed to use phones from Sprint and Verizon because they don't need a SIM card. Phones need a SiM card, therefore, they will not work with Metro. I want to activate two phones with metro pcs I want swith my sprint phone number for metro pcs Hi trying to see how I can switch my plan from Sprint to Metro PCS?

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